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Governing with Civility


When you weigh a political candidate’s strengths and capabilities, is civility one of the measures you consider? The current political climate in the US has turned decades of common courtesy and respect for differences into constant conflict, name-calling and general disrespect. Governing with civility has become your doddering old Aunt. Her views of…(Read More)

When I was 16 the 1964 Republican National Convention was held at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. The Republican Presidential candidate was Barry Goldwater, running against Lyndon Johnson. I can remember very little about the speeches, the platforms or the protests, but I can remember being on the floor (I was a floor page…(Read More)

Successful, caring, community advocate, Wendy David, wants your vote for South Lake Tahoe City Council! During her four years on the Council she was our chosen Mayor twice. As Mayor and Council Member Wendy tirelessly advocated for the homeless population, pursued avenues for better roads and worked toward an environmentally sustainable community. She co-chaired…(Read More)